We recognise that the print, broadcast and social media can make or break months of careful preparation and undo the relationships and trust that have been established.   

We act as more than just a press office for our clients. We provide strategic media counsel to ensure that your plans, and the benefits of your proposals are clearly and effectively communicated to the press.

Through our monitoring service of local, regional and national press, web, TV and radio, our clients are always up to date on all that is being said, written or broadcast about their company, their proposals or their sector.

Post Planning Communications

We work with our clients to manage the necessary communications during construction to keep residents informed and abreast of all onsite activity, helping to avoid pitfalls and issues. 

We can help with:

  • Establishing and steering Community Liaison Group meetings 
  • Regular newsletters & e-newsletters
  • Ongoing strategic media counsel and monitoring services
  • Draft press releases & crisis communications
  • National, local & trade press relations
  • Media monitoring
  • Local Authority & Central Government monitoring