PDL have an excellent understanding of the political and community landscape surrounding large strategic residential sites. They have a proven track record in delivering consultation strategies that are truly collaborative, helping to avoid pitfalls and deliver better community-led schemes. They are extremely knowledgeable about the process and challenges of promoting strategic sites and are skilled in becoming a key part of the development team and are a joy to work with.
Olly Buck, Director at Ptarmigan Land

We have appointed PDL on a range of development project across the country and their approach to political engagement and consultation is insightful and often invaluable. They have played an important role in helping us secure permission on some of our most difficult and complicated projects to date. I like their approach and enthusiasm to deliver a positive outcome.
James Stone, Managing Director, Lands Improvement

I have always found PDL to be a professional organisation that can be relied upon to provide both insight and wise counsel when it comes to the local politics and PR behind a site. They always bring enthusiasm and experience to the role and are a pleasure to work with.
Willie Manners, Chairman of the Board, Bathurst Development Limited

We have worked alongside PDL on various schemes over the last couple of years and they always run detailed and thorough consultation events, as well as provide sound political and media advice. Their experience is often invaluable in navigating often complex political environments.
Tim Holmes, Director, Endurance Estates

I have worked alongside PDL on various schemes over the last couple of years and they always run detailed and thorough consultations, which genuinely seek to engage and involve the local community. Their events produce valuable feedback that helps to inform the application and navigate the local political and community landscape.
Rob Meakins, Partner, Barton Willmore

We worked very closely with PDL on the new community at Chesterton in Cirencester. Throughout this process Jeremy and his team were energetic in their pursuit of the key local political issues and insightful in their analysis. This ensured we were able to address these issues in our strategy and most importantly communicate clearly with the main stakeholders.
David Jackson, Head of National Planning, Savills