Our approach is collaborative, whether consulting with communities, politicians, specialist interest groups or local representatives, we aim to achieve the best outcomes for all parties involved.

We actively encourage participation and open dialogue, which is crucial in helping to inform and shape emerging proposals. 

We ensure communities and residents are contacted via their preferred means, increasing interaction, accessibility to information and achieving widespread engagement. This includes online consultation platforms, whereby stakeholders can feedback at home or on the move using smart phones and mobile communication devices.

Our commitment to consultation helps to identify opportunities and address concerns, as well as build a better understanding of local views, helping improve relationships with communities and politicians.

Our consultation activities include:

  • Public information events and exhibitions 
  • Design workshops and charettes  
  • Community meetings 
  • Newsletters & community updates 
  • Online consultation
  • Statement of Community Involvement 
  • Telephone consultation, market research and opinion polling 
  • Digital and social media