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Rt Hon Philip Hammond announces £2bn Accelerated Construction Scheme and a new £3bn Home Building Fund Read the full speech here.

Latest Industry Response to Brexit

BREXIT :Housebuilder Magazine - Housebuilders and Government confident in the industry  here.

BREXIT :Daily Telepgraph - house prices fall 5pc  here.

BREXIT : 24.06.16 Summary of Initial Responses here.

BREXIT : Article from Housebuilder News here.

RTPI  - 1.03.16 - Response to the Budget 2016. Read the full article,  here.

BBC News - 16.03.16 - Budget 2016: New Lifetime ISA for homebuyers and retirement. The lifetime ISA will be launched in April 2017 allowing savers to receive a 25% bonus from the government. Read the full article,  here.

The Independent- 16.03.16 - 'Budget 2016' review. Please follow the link to the full article  Click Here.

The Guardian - 16.03.16 - 'Budget 2016 at a glance: the key points, Please follow the link to the full article  Click Here.

Budget 2016 - Please clock here to go to the officially Gov.UK 'What it means for you' page. Click Here.

PDL 2016 Budget Summary - Please click here to read our summary of George Osbourne's 2016 Budget, here.

Evening Standard - 29.03.2016 - Build on green belt now: report says radical steps are needed to solve London housing crisis, read full article here.

BBC News - 07.01.2016 - Slow housing developers 'should face penalties', says LGA, read full article here.  

The Telegraph - 04.01.2016 - Thousands of new homes to be built by smaller builders, read full article here. 

BBC News - 05.01.2016 - David Cameron: We'll directly commission 13,000 new homes, read full article here.

Department for Communities & Local Government - Read the full report on the consultation for proposed changes to national planning policy here.

The Telegrpah - 06.12.2015 Thousands of new homes on Green Belt in biggest shake up for 30 years, view full article here.

BBC News - 26.11.2015 - Autumn Statement 2015: What it means for you? View article her

The Telegraph - 25.11.2015 - Autumn Statement 2015: Business groups react to apprenticeship levy, infrastructure spending boost. View article her

The Guardian - 25.11.2015 - Spending review 2015: George Osborne scraps tax credit cuts and freezes police budget - as it happened. The chancellor has revealed the economic forecasts for the year ahead and set out public spending cuts for the rest of this parliament. View article here. 

RTPI’s response to Combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review - 25.11.2015read the full article here. 

British Property Federation’s response to Combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review - 25.11.2015ISR measures could provide country with huge social and economic boost – the devil will be in the detail Housebuilders broadly welcomed announcements by Chancellor George Osborne in today’s Spending Review to boost house building, read the full article here.

CRPE’s response to Combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review - 25.11.2015read the full article here. 

British Property Federation’s response to Combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review - 25.11.2015  - Significant funding for housebuilding has been announced in the Spending Review. Ian Fletcher considers the impact this might have on the mortgage market, and the potential risks involvedread the full article here

Autumn Statement - 25.11.2015 The Telegraph - Autumn Statement: George Osborne to announce massive housebuilding boost, read the full article here. 

Housing and Planning Bill - 13.10.2015 Housing and Planning Bill just announced, read the full document here.

Rt Hon David Cameron on housebuilding at the Conservative Party Conference Read a summary of they key points here click here to read our summary.

NHF Response to Right to Buy expansion click here to read full article.

Planning Resource - 25.08.2015 - Council to amend joint plan's affordable housing policy after court ruling, click here to read full article.

Housebuilder News: 24.07.2015 - Local Plans 'by 2017' says Lewis, click here to ready full article. 

BBC NEWS - 10.06.2015 - Building on greenbelt land has soared over 5 years, click here to read full article. 

BUDGET 2015 - NEWS - 18.03.2015 - New help to buy ISA for 1st time buyers 'for £200 you save for your deposit HMT will add an additional £50 from this autumn and new personal savings allowance, first £1,000 interest you earn on savings will be tax free. Click here to read the full 2015 Budget.

BBC NEWS - 02.03.2015 Cameron promises 200,000 starter homes if Tories win election, view article here.

House Buildr Federation - 19.02.2015 Big Jump in Housing Planning Permission, view article here.

Adam Smith Institute - 14.01.2015 Free up too 3.7% of London Green Belt to build one million new homes, view article here. To read the full report, click here.

BBC News Magazine - 13.01.2015 Why cant the UK build 240,000 house a year? View article here. 

Conservative Party - 06.01.2015 First-time buyers at highest level since 2007, view article here.

BBC News - 06.01.2015 First-time buyers at highest level since 2007, says Halifax, view article here. 

RTPI - 03.12.2014 RTPI response to George Osborne's Autumn Speech, view article here.

RICS - 03.12.2014 RICS response to George Osboune's Autumn Speech, view article here.

HM Treasury - George Osborne's Autumn Statement - full speech.

BBC News - 03.12.2014 Autumn Statement:Osborne reveals stamp duty reform, view article here.

The Telegraph - 02.12.2014 Bicester Announced as new garden city, view article here.  

The Telegraph - 01/21/2014 Autumn Statement: £15 billion for road schemes in Tory and Lib Dems areas to boast election hopes, view article here.

CPRE - 24.11.2014 England has space for at least 1 million more homes on brownfield land, view article here.

BBC News - 21.11.2014 UKIP's Reckless wins Rochester and Strood seat, view article here. 

CLG Release - New rules announced to strengthen the protection of the Green Belt and the policy on planning for waste facilities and recycling plants. 17.10.2014 view release here.

The Lyons Housing Review - 16.10.2014 View full report here.

Construction News - 16.10.2014 Ed Miliband adopts Lyons Review policies to boost housebuilding, view article here. 

The Telegraph - 16.10.2014 Local people to get the pick of best homes, under Labour Plans, view article here.

HouseBuilder - 16.10.2014 Labour's Lyon Review fleshes out of 200,000 a year homes plan, view article here.

National Housing Federation - 14.10.2014 Over £100k a year needed to afford a home in London, view article here

Gov.uk - 14.10.2014 Written ministerial statement by Eric Pickles on work of the Department for Communities and Local Government during the conference recess, view article here.  

Planning Resource - 10.10.2014 Tories pledge to boast start homes, view article here.

BBC News - 09.10.2014 Momentum slows in housing market, says RICS, view article here

The Independent - 09.10.2014 5 million Britons could be stuck in the 'rent trap' forever, claims shelter, view article here.

Planning Resource - Lib Dems 2014: 'Perverse' residential conversion rules are destroying jobs,  says Cable, view article here.

London Evening Standard - IMF tells rest of Europe to copy George Osborn's austerity drive, view article here.

National Assembly of Wales - A Government Bill introduced by Carl Sargeant AM, Minister of Natural Resources, view bill here.

Planning Magazine - Lib Dems 2014: city regions and counties best devolution model, says communities minister, view article here.

Departments of Communities and Local Governments - 06.10.2014 Councils must protect precious green belt land, view article here.

Planing Magazine - 06.10.2014 DCLG set to update guidance on green belt, view article here. 

BBC News - 06.10.2014 Give ministers power to build new homes - Danny Alexander, view article here. 

Liberal Democrats - 06.10.2014 New garden city train link would expand towns, view article here. 

The Guardian - 06.10.2014 Vince Cable warns of inequalities caused by housing market crisis, view full article here. 

Building.co.uk - 06.10.2014 Lib Dems pledge 50,000 homes in garden cities, view article here.

Daily Mail - 03.01.2014 Market towns may be forced to triple in size to allow for 'high slabs' of housing, says English Heritage Chief, view article here

HouseBuilder - 02.10.2014 Help to Buy 'not a risk' says bank, view article here. To read the accompanying letter, click here.

RICS - 01.10.2014 Property In Politics: Driving economic growth and building better communities, view here

RICS - 01.10.2014 Planning for growth - how do we tackle localism and the skills shortage? View Article here.

Conservative Party Conference - 01.10.2014 David Cameron: Speech to Party Conference 2014, view article here. 

BBC News - 01.10.2014 Conservative Party Donor Arron Banks set to join UKIP, view article here. 

Conservative Party Conference - 30.09.2014 Boris Johnson: Speech to Party Conference 2014, view article here. 

Conservative Party Conference - 29.09.2014 Eric Pickles : Speech to Party Conference 2014, view article here

HouseBuilder - 29.09.2014 Industry Welcomes Permanent 'Help to Buy' view article here.

Conservative Party Conference - 29.09.2014 George Osborne: Full Transcript of the Chancellor's Speech to Conservative Party Conference 2014, view full script here.

The Telegraph - 27.09.2014 Cut-price homes for the under-40's through David Cameron's new help-to-buy scheme, view article here.

BBC News- 27.09.2014 First time buyers under 40 to get 20% off under Tory plan, view article here

TCPA - 26.09.2014 TCPA calls for all political parties to commit to creating a new generation of Garden Cities, view article here.

The Telegraph -25.09.2014 Threatening developers with the 'use it or lose it' ultimatum on building plots is not the answer, view article here.  

Planning Resource - 24.09.2014 CPRE v Policy Exchange: the rematch, view article here. 

Industry Reactions to Ed Miliband's Key Note Speech - 24.09.2014 To view NHBC's reaction click here, to view TCPA's reaction click here and to see the RICS response click here.

RICS Press Release - Labour's Mansion tax proposal: The RICS Response 23.09.2014 View Article Here. 

Labour Party Conference - Ed Miliband Delivers his keynote Speech 23.09.2014 To view the full speech and his intentions for housing in Goal 5 click here.

Labour Party Conference Fringe - NIMBY: can planning balance local and national interests? Shadow SoS for CLG Hilary Benn MP alongside representatives from British Chamber of Commerce, Heathrow Airport and Demos discuss the the aim of turning "NIMBYs into YIMBYs". 22.09.14 Download this here.

RICS Press Release - Ed Balls' Speech: The RICS response.22.09.14 View article here

Labour Party Conference - Labour's Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls delivers speech today at the Manchester Conference party.22.09.14 Download the full transcript click here.

Labour Party Conference Fringe - The Future of Housing - Event Chaired by Assistant Editor of The Times, including contributing speakers from the National Federation of Builders & NHBC. Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds MP stresses the need for early involvement of local communities in the planning process. 21.09.14 Download this here.

Labour Press Release - Ed Miliband's Opening Speech to Conference - Labour's plan for Britain's future begins with building new homes for families and supporting small businesses.20.09.14  View Article Here

Planning Magazine - CLG Chief Planning Officer signals more changes to the Planning system are to come; Comments made by the Director of LSE Greater London Group on Politicians needing to 'use electoral legitimacy more forcefully' in the planning system and call from Barrett Homes for Green Belt review to 'allow cities to prosper' - 17.09.14 - View articles here.

HouseBuilder 'Permissions recover to 2008 levels -HBF Glenigan' 11.09.2014 - View article here.

The Independent 'Proposal to expand  build 3.5m homes in 40 UK towns wins the £250,000 Wolfson Prize' 04.09.2014 - A plan to provide about 3.5m new homes in England by allowing up to 40 towns and cities to double in size and become garden cities unveiled. View article here. 

Housebuilder 'Help to buy is key long term measure - Osborne' 02.09.2014 - Help to buy is a key part of the government's long term economic plan and is 'working exactly as intended' the chancellor George Osborne said today. View article here. 

ConservativeHome Manifesto 01.09.2014 - Part 1) Homes for All. View article here.

BBC News 'Nationwide: House prices edge up in August' 29.08.2014 - House prices edge up in August, according to the UK's biggest building society, the Nationwide. View article here.

Property Wire 'UK estate agents report a growth in housing supply' - 2.08.2014 - House hunters in the UK may have a better chance of finding their dream home, with the average number of properties available for sale through estate agents goes up by 11%. View article here.

The Independent 'Persimmon in call for green belt shake-up' - 20.08.2014 - Britain's biggest house builder has called for review of green belt policy in the UK to allow much-needed new homes to be built. View Article Here. 

The Telegraph -  15.08.2014 - The UK's economy has performed better than that of any other G7 state in the year running to the end of June. View article here.

Planning Resource - 15.08.2014 - Proposals for a new inner orbital road tunnel and several river crossings feature in London mayor Boris Johnson's new draft infrastructure plan, though he has ruled out building on capitals green belt before 2025. Click here to view the full article. 

Housebuilder News -  15.08.2014 - Former planning minister Nick Boles has been handed the construction brief within the governments Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS). View Article Here

Department of Communities and Local Government  11.08.2014 - This organisational chart for the Department of Communities and Local Government outlines key civil servants and their responsibilities. To view this document Click Here

Housebuilder News - 'Government announces fund to unlock brownfield sites'  08.08.2014 -Housing Minister Brandon Lewis announces a £5 million fund for councils to bring forward brownfield land for development of new homes. View Article Here

The Independent - 'UK housebuilding grows at fastest rate in a decade as construction sector powers on' 04.08.2014 - The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply’s latest purchasing managers’ index- compiled by Markit - revealed a rise to 68 for residential construction, which is the highest since November 2003.  But even by 2019 the construction workforce in London — currently 393,700 — is not expected to return to the pre-recession peak of 446,681. View Article Here

BBC News - 'Housebuilding boosts UK construction sector in July' 04.08.2014 - UK housebuilding grew at its fastest rate in nearly 11 years in July, a survey suggests. The Markit UK Construction PMI report said home building grew at its steepest rate since November 2003, driven by strong demand for new projects. Overall, the index edged down to 62.4, from 62.6 in June. But anything above the 50 level indicates growth. View Article Here.

CLG Announcement 04.08.2014 - The government has launched a wide ranging consultation to bring further reform to the planning system. The consultation, which closes on September 26,  includes proposals to convert light industrial buildings and storage and distribution buildings to residential use, provided they were in that use at the time of this year’s Budget. It also intends to extend the current permitted development right to convert offices into new homes to 2019. To view the press release from CLG please Click Here or you can download the full consultation document here 

BBC News - 'Homes could get payouts for Garden City builds - Clegg'  03.08.2014 - Homeowners could be compensated if the value of their properties falls when new garden cities are built, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has suggested. View Article Here. 

Emma Reynolds - 'The Choice On Housing' 01.08.2014 - On the 31st July Shadow Housing Minister Emma Reynolds deivered a speech at a regeneration project in Nottingham, one of her main topics set out Labour's route to build 200,000 homes by 2020.  View Transcript Here

The Guardian - 'Homebuyers will need a £72,000 deposit if Tories win, says Labour' 31.07.14 - Shadow housing minister says it will be even more difficult for people struggling to afford a home if Cameron and Osborne remain in charge. Labour's Emma Reynolds will say in a speech in Nottingham that it will become even more difficult for people struggling to afford a home. Reynolds will warn that those who do not yet own a home will find buying somewhere even more unaffordable if today's trends continue. View Article Here

Labour List - 'Labour will give small companies backing to build homes' 28.07.2014 - Today, Labour’s Shadow Housing Minister, Emma Reynolds, and Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Chris Leslie will explain how Labour would address the housing shortage in the UK. View Article Here

PDL's Biography on John Hayes 17/07/2014 - Following the Prime Minister's cabinet reshuffle on the 15th of July 2014 John Hayes has been announced as the new Minister of State for the Department of Transport. To find out more about John Hayes 's previous roles in Parliament and political career please click here to view our Biography.

PDL's Biography on Brandon Lewis 16/07/2014 - After David Cameron's reshuffle of his cabinet on 15th of July 2014 Brandon Lewis has now been promoted from Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Communities and Local Government to Minister of State for Communities. To find out more about Brandon Lewis's political career please click here to view our Biography.

The Guardian - 'IMF sounds alarm on UK house prices but changes its tune on austerity' 06.06.14 - Christine Lagarde urges government to rethink Help to Buy and says organisation underestimated UK's recovery. The IMF also ended its row with George Osborne over austerity by describing the chancellor's deficit reduction plan as "appropriate" in its annual review of the British economy. View Article Here

BBC News - 'European Commission urges UK to tax expensive homes more' 03.06.14 - The European Commission has called on the UK to raise taxes on higher value properties, build more houses and adjust the Help to Buy scheme. View Article Here

BBC News - 'Lloyds limits mortgage lending on loans over £500,000' 20.05.14 - Lloyds Banking Group says it will limit mortgage lending to four times income for loans worth more than £500,000. Lloyds said the move was to address "specific inflationary pressures in the London housing market". View Article Here

The Guardian - 'Mark Carney: rising house prices pose biggest risk to recovery' 19.05.14 - Bank of England governor says shortage of homes is driving up prices, with housebuilding at half the rate in his native Canada. House prices are rising at their fastest rate in more than six years and have climbed 8.9% year on year. A main reason for this is the shortage in supply, England has not been building sufficient homes to meet the demand. View Article Here

Home Builder Federation - 19.05.14 - Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of HBP, said: "We have an acute shortage of housing that has developed over decades and is going to take time to address. After years of the lowest rate on record, housebuilding is now increasing very rapidly." He credited the government's Help to Buy equity loan scheme, which has given a boost to housebuilding and allowed the industry to plan ahead. View Article Here

Sky News - Mark Carney Interview 'House Prices Biggest Risk to Economy' 19.05.14 - In an exclusive interview with Sky's Murnaghan Show Mark Carney warned that the rising house prices represented the biggest current risk to the economy. Carney went on to say that the British housing market has "deep, deep" problems. Click Here to Watch Full Interview

The Telegraph - 'Build more homes but not on green fields' 05.05.14 - There's enough space on derelict industrial land to build 1.5million properties. All of a sudden, Britain is building again. After decades of virtual stasis, homes are springing up like bluebells in the spring sunshine. View Article Here

Press Release - Royal Mail Group, 'From Cambridge to Cumbria, Aldeburgh to Argyll: what your postcode says about you' 22.04.14 - Royal Mail commissioned the Centre for Economic and Business Research (Cebr) to conduct analysis of characteristics of the UK through the lens of the postcode to mark the 40th anniversary of the allocation of postcodes to every town in Britain. Click Here

The Guardian - 'Tory council rebels over government's affordable homes concession' 21.04.14 - Ministers warned they are storing up future trouble by reacting to 'squeals' from the construction industry. View Article Here

The Guardian - 'New garden cities not required to include low cost homes, minister says' 21.04.14 - Nick Boles says no stipulation would be imposed on schemes, despite Nick Clegg's pledge they would help solve housing crisis. View Article Here

BUDGET 2014 - The full Budget Document published by the Treasury including announcements on the extension of the Help to Buy Scheme to 2020; a commitment to building the first new Garden City since 1920 in Ebbsfleet, helping to deliver 15,000 new homes a £500m Builders Finance Fund to help unlock up to 15,000 homes to be built where they have stalled because of lack of finance; £150m commitment to kick start regeneration of large housing scheme through repayable loans; A review of the General Permitted Development Order. 19.03.14 Download the Document Here

BUDGET 2014 - A full transcript of the speech given to the House of Common by The Chancellor of the Exchequer The Rt. Hon George Osborne. 19.03.14 Click here

Telegraph Article - Osborne announces extension of Help to Buy Scheme to 2020 and a new Garden City in Ebbsfleet - Appearing on the Andrew Marr Show The Chancellor announced the Governments intention to "Build for Britain" with the extension of the Help to Buy Scheme to 2012, a new Garden City of up to 15,000 new homes in Ebbsfleet and plans for the construction of up to 120,000 new homes. 16.023.14 View this article here

Planning Resource - Data blog: which local authorities have the most green belt land within their boundaries? March 2014 - Click here

CLG Written answers - March 2014 - Click here

Department of Communities and Local Government - Inspector's report on Local Planning - March 2014 - Click here

The Telegraph - Our policies are absurd and my colleagues are hated, says minister - March 2014 - Stephen Williams, local government minister launches attack on his boss, his colleagues and his own department's policies Click here

The Guardian - Fixing London's housing woes requires more than bashing wealthy foreigners - March 2014 - There is plenty to dislike about the way London's housing landscape is evolving. So how about some clear alternatives?  Click here

The Telegraph - Developers to get incentives to build new homes in towns and cities - March 2014 - Changes to the National Planning Policy Framework mean developers of brownfield sites will no longer have to pay huge fees under the Community Infrastructure Levy. Click here

The Telegraph - We want to make it harder to build on flood plains, says Nick Boles - March 2014 - Developers will have to pass stringent tests if they want to build on flood plains, a minister has said. Click Here

bbc.co.uk - Permission Impossible: Britain's Planners - February 2014 - Documentary series following the work of Britain's environment planners. Click Here to Watch

Enough brownfield land released to build 68,000 homes and support 135,000 jobs - February 2014 - Whitehall departments have sold enough brownfield land to build 68,000 homes, the same number as in the whole of Blackpool, Housing Minister Kris Hopkins said today (20 February 2014). Over 430 sites have been sold across the country. Every new home supports up to 2 jobs, so these land sales will sustain over 135,000 jobs as the homes are built.

www.gov.uk - New housing figures confirm Britain is building again - February 2014New housing figures confirm Britain is building again, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles said today (20 February 2014). The latest statistics reveal starts on new homes in 2013 totalled 122,590, up by 23% on the previous year, and the highest since 2007. Despite the poor weather conditions this winter, work on new homes in the last 3 months of 2013 was also up by 23% compared to the same period in 2012. Click Here

The Guardian - Plans to relax building regulations in our national parks will spell disaster - February 2014 A seismic change may be about to rock our national parks and other areas of outstanding natural beauty; and it is concealed within the technicalities of a proposal to grant landowners permitted development rights, without the need for planning permission. This would allow for up to three dwellings to replace or convert existing farm buildings. Click Here

The Telegraph - Two cities the size of Leeds needed to house new migrants - February 2014 - Prediction likely to put further pressure on David Cameron to deliver on pledge to reduce levels of net migration to tens of thousands Click Here

The TelegraphCouncils urged to build homes for private rent - February 2014 - Local councils should focus on building homes for the private rented sector instead of favouring homeownership, according to a new report. Click Here

The Telegraph - Flood-hit areas earmarked for more homes - February 2014 - Councils have issued plans to build hundreds of new homes in some of the areas worst affected by the country's flooding crisis. Click Here

Buidling.co.uk - Government to set up new planning court by the summer - February 2014 - The government has unveiled plans to set up a new planning court to avoid costly delays to construction projects from judicial reviews. Legal disputes over major developments will be fast-tracked for consideration by the new planning court, which will be established by this summer. Click Here

The Times - House price boom to last 10 years, signals Osborne - February 2014 -  House prices are likely to continue rising for at least another ten years, George Osborne suggested yesterday when he attacked "Nimbys" for slowing down planning reforms. Click Here 

Bloomberg.com - London led an increase in UK home prices last month, a report showed today, as Ernst & Young LLP's Item Club said the city's property market risks overheating. February 2014 - Click Here

The Telegraph - New homes boom helps to build the recovery - January 2014 - Figures show 133,670 homes were built in 2013, the highest since the start of the economic downturn in 2007 - Click Here

Building.co.uk -  Interview with Emma Reynolds - January 2014 -  Housing is shaping up to be a key election battleground for Labour, and new shadow minister Emma Reynolds will be leading the charge. She tells Joey Gardiner why she is not afraid to take on the big housebuilders. Click Here

The Telegraph - Britain's obesity epidemic linked to bad town planning, RIBA says - January 2014 - The Royal Institute of British Architects has found a clear link between land use and public health and say £1bn a year could be saved with better town planning. Click Here

The Guardian - Boris Johnson's abuse of planning power is an assault on democracy - January 2014 - By intervening in the local planning process, the mayor of London is creating a more exclusive, divided city of private enclaves, designed only for the needs of the rich. Click Here

The Guardian - Mark Carney plays down fears of housing bubble - January 2014 - Bank of England governor says rising market not a threat as surveyors' group predicts rises could become unsustainable. Click Here​

​The Telegraph - Coalition's legacy could be 'harm to countryside', No 10 adviser warns - January 2014 - Number 10 adviser criticises Government planning reforms and warns that the damage being done to the countryside could end up being the Coalition's biggest legacy. Click Here

RICS Housing Update - December 2013 -  House prices in the UK will see an increase of 8% over the course of next year while the cost of renting a home should rise by a further 2%. This growth is being driven by the acute imbalance between burgeoning buyer demand and sluggish supply with new instructions to estate agents close to stagnating. Click here

The Guardian - Councils prepare to allocate greenbelt land for development, study shows 19/12/13 - More than half of English councils with greenbelt land are preparing to allocate some of it for development ahead of brownfield sites, new research suggests. A survey commissioned by the National Trust found that of 30 of the 59 councils that responded who had greenbelt land in their local authority area, 51 per cent were likely or very likely to allocate it for development in the next five years.  Click here

Whatever Happened to Community? BBC Radio 4 20:00 18th December 2013 - Community is one of those warm and fuzzy words that we all say we love; it evokes powerful feelings of togetherness and mutual support. But as we approach Christmas, more and more people will be spending time on their own feeling lonely and disconnected. So is community a thing of the past, something that has been widely replaced by the internet, fractured by family breakdowns, social mobility and continually shifting populations?  Click here

The Independent - Housing double whammy: A whole generation ‘won’t be able to buy or rent a home’ 10/12/13 -A generation of Britons faces a housing “double whammy” as a growing number of people cannot afford to buy or rent a home, according to a report published today. The study warns that house prices are set to rocket by 35 per cent by 2020 and that private sector rents are likely to soar by 39 per cent over the same period.   Click here

AUTUMN STATEMENT - 05.12.13 A Full copy of the Autumn Statement Document  Click Here

AUTUMN STATEMENT - 05.12.13 A full transcript of the Statement given to the House of Commons by the Chancellor of the Exchequer The Rt. Hon George Osborne Click Here

The Telegraph - 'Carney: Bank has 'no power' to stop Help to Buy' 28.11.13 - Bank of England Governor says Financial Policy Committee (FPC) can advise the Government on risks to housing scheme but has "no veto". This goes against claims from ministers including Nick Clegg that the BoE will intervene if it feared another housing bubble. Click here to download PDF

The Guardian - 'Labour mayoral candidates cast doubt on mansion tax' 26.11.13 - Tessa Jowell, Dianna Abbott and David Lammy all express reservations about charge on houses worth over £2m. These three Labour figures who are tipped to run as London Mayor have expressed their reservations about their party's proposed "mansion tax" - a key policy championed by the shadow chancellor, Ed Balls. Click here to download PDF.

Evening Standard - 'Boris Johnson launches his £1bn plan to tackle London housing crisis' 25.11.13  - Thousands more Londoners could be helped onto the housing ladder over the next 10 years as Boris Johnson today announced a £1billion plan to build more new homes. The Mayor warned that the 'crisis' of housing supply was the biggest challenge facing London's economy. Click here for full article.

Building Magazine - 'Boris Pledges to Double Housebuilding in London' 25.11.13 - New  London housing strategy commits to 42,000 a year for the next decade; this would double the current annual output of housing. "Our goal is to rediscover the energy and drive that built so many homes in the 1930s". Click here to download PDF.

The Guardian- 'Labour Pledges to Build Five New Towns to Ease Shortage of New Homes' 24.11.13 - New shadow housing minister unveils plans to head off projected shortage of a million homes by 2020. Five new towns will be built in the first five years of the Labour government under plans being drawn up by the party.Click here to view full article.

Adjournment Debate secured by Marcus Jones MP 22.11.13 on Local Development Planning in Nuneaton. The debate focused on residents concerns regarding housing proposed to the North of Nuneaton and that NBBC poorly carried out the consultation on the local plan. Comments come from the Planning Minister urging local authorities to get their local plan in place to provide the necessary protection against speculative developers. Watch the session here - starts at 14.37

Housebuilder Magazine Update 21.11.13 -  Private sector new homes starts in England in the last quarter reached 28,850 according to the government, 29% up on last year. HBF executive chairman Stewart Baseley said: "Help to Buy is increasing demand for new homes... If people can buy, builders will build." Click here to download PDF

The Independent - 'Labour pledges billions to build 200,000 new homes per year if it wins next election' 21.11.13 - A Labour Government would plough billions of pounds into a huge house building programme to tackle Britain's housing crisis, Ed Balls will pledge today. Click here to read full article.

The Guardian - 'Ed Balls outlines plans to build wave of new towns' 21.11.13 - Labour considering revival of development corporations to build new towns on scale of those built after the second world war. Ed Balls will commit Labour to building a wave of new towns and to Treasury financial agreements to provide cheap funding for builders. Click here to read full article

Telegraph Article - 'Offices Turn Back into Mansions as London Property Prices Soar' 18.11.13 - London is in the midst of the greatest surge in residential development since then end of the First World War, says luxury estate agent. With a reported "100 office buildings" across Mayfair, Soho and Fitzrovia being sold back into residential homes in a bid to capitalise on rising property prices. Click here for full article

Nick Boles -  Statement to House of Commons 12.11.13 - Nick Boles the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Communities and Local Government has given a statement to the House of Commons relating to changes to the planning application in reference to the addition of section 62A to 62C to the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Click here to download PDF of full statement

BBC News Article - 'Strong start for Help to Buy, says lenders' 11.11.13 - Two major lenders have reported a strong uptake in the first month of the government's extended Help to Buy mortgage guarantee scheme. In total RBS and Halifax have received 2,384 applications potentially worth £365m in mortgages but critics are concerned it could help to create a UK housing bubble. Click here for full article.

The Guardian Article - 'First home buyers go missing in latest housing upswing' 11.11.13 - The proportion of market entrants taking out a mortgage in any one month shrank to an all time low of 12.5% in September. According to the article Monday's data showed 51,928 loans were granted to owner occupiers in September, the largest number since October 2009 and 4.4% higher than a month earlier. Click here for full article.

Construction Enquirer - 'Planning logjam hits a third of Redrow's 15,000 plots' 11.11.13 - House builder Redrow has hit back at claims the industry is land banking warning that 5,000 plots are awaiting reserved matters approval from local planners. Chairman Steve Morgan has said "the firm [is] enjoying strong demand growth .... but warned difficulty getting full planning approval was hampering the house builder". Click here for full article.

The Daily Mail - 'Help to Buy creates 75 homeowners a day: Cheap mortgage scheme a success, says Prime Minister' 11.11.13 - Statistics from the article indicate more than 2,000 people have made offers on homes using Help to Buy, over £365million has been lent which works out an average of £155,000 per person. However experts fear the extra lending may create a new housing bubble. Click here for full article.

The Sunday Times - 'Developers hover over Downton village' 10.11.13 - The relaxation of planning regulations has left scenic parts of David Cameron's own constituency exposed. Due to the local authority being able to draw up its own plans for housing with consultation with residents it has left itself vulnerable to speculators who can appeal to national planning bosses for permission to build. Click here to view PDF.

The Independent Article - 'Could it be the answer to our housing crisis? What garden cities have a rosy future' 07.11.13 - Urban visions such as Letchworth and Welwyn caused such a stir that even Lenin was impressed. Now the idea is experiencing a renaissance. Lat week the Policy Exchange urged whichever party won the test election to commit itself to creating at least one new garden city, to tackle Britain's housing crisis. It is an idea rapidly coming back into fashion. Click here for full article.

Telegraph Article - 'Why huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ types are out for Tory blood' 31.10.13 -The hunting, shooting and fishing shire Tories  David Cameron could traditionally rely on seem to be considerably less enthusiastic about the party than they were, with one poll by the Countryside Alliance finding that almost 13 per cent of its members would now vote Ukip. This article looks at why. Click here for full article

​Telegraph Article - 'Pensioners want to 'end their days' in bungalows, says minister' 31.10.13 - Speaking to the Politicians in Planning Association conference last week Mr Boles said: "Bungalows, we have built far too view. People love them. He added "If we're going to provide more bungalows we're going to have to provide more land than we otherwise would".Click here for full article 

Nick Boles MP at PIPA 2013 - 25.10.13 - Planning Minister Nick Boles MP address to the Politicians in Planning Association at their 2013 conference. The 47 minute podcast also includes a great many questions from the assembled Councillors. Click here to listen to podcast 

Telegraph Article - 'Elderly to blame for housing crisis, indicates minister' 25.10.13 - Speaking at a Westminster Hall debate in Parliament, Nick Boles the Planning Minister singled out the rise of four - generation families for an "intense" housing crisis, indicating a rapidly-ageing population is putting more pressure on the housing market than mass immigration. Click here to download the full article

Planning Minister Nick Boles -   Westminster Hall debate on Planning and Housing Supply 24.10.13 - A summary of Nick Boles' speech on Planning and House supply at West Minister Hall debate 24th October 2013. Click here to view PDF

​​Politics Home Article 24.10.13 -  In a article penned to Politics website,  Home Shadow Chancellor Ed Ball today called for The Bank of England to carry out an urgent review of the Government's Help to Buy scheme initiative which he says is boosting demand without increasing supply. Click here to read full article.

Communities and Local Government Oral Answers to Questions 21.10.13 -  Selected oral answers from Monday 21st October's CLG oral answers to questions. In particular Planning, First-time Buyers, Empty Buildings and Section 106 Agreement. Including answers from Cllr. Kris Hopkins the new housing minister. Also includes a link to all questions and oral answers. Click here to download

The Guardian Article - 'London House Prices Jump by £50,000 in a Month' 21.10.13- Last month saw house prices in London rise more than 10%, is this a sign of an unsustainable boom, says property website critical of the Help to Buy scheme. The article includes a diagram of the UK regions house prices increase or decrease in September to October 2013. Click here to read full article

​Telegraph Article - 'Aspiring first-time buyers giving up hope of home ownership and spending instead' 20.10.13 - A recent survey has revealed that more than 80% of adults under 35 think it is unrealistic to expect to own a home and treat themselves instead. Click here to read full article

The Observer Editorial - 'London can't become home only to the rich' 20.10.13 - Unless property prices are made affordable, London will lose the people who give it its soul. In 2012, an extraordinary £83billion worth of properties were purchased mortgage-free in London with no financing.  Click here to read full article

Telegraph Article - 'Its's mad to blame our housing crisis on 'blooming foreigners' 20.10.13- This article by Boris Johnson says we should welcome foreign investment into the UK housing market, saying 'Talent and investment from abroad will help create jobs and build the homes we need'. Click here to read full article

​Prime Minister's Question Time 16.10.13 - Question 12 from Ann McKechin about the figures released by the Office for National Statistics that house inflation was running at 8.7% in London and if the Governments Help to Buy scheme will feed a property price bubble? Click here for the PM's ANSWER

The Telegraph Article - 'The housing crisis doesn't just need new homes, it needs new towns' 15.10.13- An article looking at the power bricks and mortar play on today's parties political agenda, looking back to 'The post-war consensus' up to present day. The article states 'Which ever party puts a roof over people's heads stands the best chance of winning the election'. Click here for full article

BBC News- 'UK house prices have risen to a record level, according to the Office for National Statistics' 15.10.13- This article discusses the recent rise in house prices, examining figures released from Halifax and Nationwide. Included in this article is an analysis by Hugh Pym, Chief economics correspondent for BBC News which debates if a housing bubble is developing in the wake of last weeks Help to Buy stage 2 announcement. Click here for full article

BBC SKY News - ' House Prices: Record High for the UK' 15.10.13 - This article discusses the recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics on, the rise of house prices in the UK. It includes a bar chart on the different percentages across UK regions. Click here for full article

Cabinet Reshuffle - Kris Hopkins MP has been handed the housing brief in the Cabinet reshuffle. It has been suggested that this is a downgrading of the housing role as the Government has not appointed a Minister of State for housing, instead giving the brief to a newly appointed junior ministerial position.Click here for a full biography

​RICS - Reaction to Help to Buy Scheme 08.10.13 - Statement provided by Head of Policy at RICS Jeremy Blackburn who comments " We are pleased by George Osborne's announcement today of new Bank of England powers to rein in Help to Buy" See the comments here

BBC RICS - Bloombery interview with Simon Rubinsohn, Chief Economist as RICS 08.10.13 - Suggests that the Help to Buy Scheme is the wrong approach to the housing market in London. View here

Council Mortgage Lenders - Reaction to Help to Buy Scheme 08.10.13. Official statement published by CML including comment from the Director General Paul Smee who comments "As the mortgage market continues to unfreeze, assisted by Help to Buy and Funding for Lending, an increase in the supply of new housing will be a crucial factor in success. The homes need to be there for people to buy, as well as the finance to buy them." Download full Press Release here

​BBC - Article on Help to Buy Announcement 08.10.13 - This piece includes industry comment as well as information on the concerns that is could lead to another housing bubble. Download this here

​Help to Buy Scheme- Help to buy Scheme Rules and deed of guarantee from the Treasury - Full details of the scheme as published by the Treasury. Download here and here

HM Treasury - Cameron and Osborne will officially launch the £12 billion Help to Buy scheme today 08.10.13 Major high street banks including Natwest, RBS, Halifax and Bank of Scotland will start offering new mortgages under the scheme this week. Download full HMT Press Release here

Daily Telegraph - UK economy is growing at fastest rate in the modern world 04.10.13 During July, August and September the economy grew at the strongest rate for 16 years according to new figures released today. House prices are rising at 6.2 percent, more than double the rate of inflation Download full article here

Daily Telegraph - House price rises are the highest in three years 03.10.13 Concerns that the Government's flagship Help to Buy scheme could create a housing bubble has led Chancellor George Osborne to give the Bank of England powers to recommend a cut in the cap on properties eligible under the scheme. Download full article here

Conservative Conference- the Prime Minister - "Together We Will Build a Land of Opportunity" 02.10.13 In his speech to close the Conservative Party Conference today, the Prime Minister promised to build a land of opportunity. He set a clear divide between the Conservatives and what he described as the "1970s style socialism" of the Labour Party. He stated that "The land of hope is Tory" whilst Labour will create a land of despair. Download his full speech here


Green Belt house plans 'double' 25.08.13 - Conservationists fear that recent planning reforms in England is leading in increasing urban sprawl making it easier to build on Green Belt land. The number of houses planned for green belt land has nearly doubled over the past year alone, according to research by the Campaign to Protect Rural England. Click here to download full article 

HM Treasury - Investing in Britain's Future 27.06.13 - HM Treasury presented it's long term plans for the future of Britain. Looking at plans for Britain's infrastructure in the long term. Addressing issues including roads, rail, energy, housing and more. Click here to download full PDF.  Click here for break down of plans.

BBC Oral Statement to Parliament - 'Spending Round 2013', Delivered and Published 26.06.13 - The Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his Spending Round 2013 statement to Parliament, looking at Overall Spending, Reforms, Pay, Growth and more. Click here to download full PDF

RICS Housing Commission Report, June 2013- 'More Good Homes and a Better United Kingdom', Members of RICS are working on a daily basis, throughout the UK to help, plan, finance, build, manage, rent and sell homes. Many are very concerned by the current performance and out comes of the housing market. This report looks into the current state of the UK's housing market. Click here to download full PDF

​BBC News Article - 'Housing report critical of Government's 'short termism' 24.06.13- According to RICS 'politicians must raise their game and shape a long-term consensus on how housing matters'. In the article it examined whether the Governments policies were providing long-term help to the housing market as well as just short term. Click here to read full article

The Independent Article - ' Travelodge families': The new face of the housing crisis 29.05.13 - Benefit changes, rising private rents, and depleted social housing all force councils to spend billions at Travelodge and Premier Inn in stop-gap measures to help evicted families.  Click here to read full article

​Daily Mail Article - 'Houses 'better than green fields': Minister's explosive claim as he unveils new plans to concrete the countryside' 28.05.13 - Building houses will create more ‘human happiness’ than preserving fields, the Planning Minister has claimed. Nick Boles says the Government is determined to speed up the rate of house building, despite opposition from countryside groups. Click here to read full article

Guardian Article - 'Mervyn King's housing warning is too little, too late' 21.05.13 - In a British economy addicted to property inflation, the government's Help to Buy scheme threatens Fannie Mae-style disaster. This article looks at the Governments new Help to Buy scheme and the rising concerns of the risks it may have on the property market.  Click here to read full article

BBC Article - 'Sir Mervyn King issues Help to Buy mortgage warning' 20.05.13 - Sir Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, who will be stepping down form the position in June has issued a warning over the Governments Help to Buy scheme saying that it should not become permanent. Stating the UK should not try and emulate the US. Click here to read full article

The Telegraph  Article - 'Nimbys are enemies of social mobility, says Gove' 16.05.13 - In this article a senior Cabinet minister has suggested that campaigners against the Government’s planning reforms are opposing social mobility, aspiration and the family. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, said the countryside should not be considered sacred when it comes to building new homes. Click here to read full article

The Telegraph Article - 'Planning reforms 'will mean rampant barn-building' 09.05.13 - Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has confirmed changes in the planning rules to make it easier for owners to convert buildings from one use to another. However campaigners have warned that this may encourage uncontrolled building on farm land as farmers try to turn barns into houses. Click here to read full article

The Telegraph Article - 'Stop objecting to development and have a 'constructive' dialogue instead, Nick Boles tells homeowners' 06.05.13 - In an interview with the Daily Telegraph the minister for planning has said 'Homeowners should stop objecting to development and instead have “constructive rows” with officials to ensure better housing is built in the countryside'. This article looks at the debate between the governments new planning reforms. Click here to read full article

The Independent Article - 'Grand designs for more homes in countryside leave public unconvinced' 07.05.13- A recent poll done by The Independent has shown that 'ministers have failed to convince the public that more housing should be built in the country side'. The article gives a full analysis of the poll and the results.  Click here to read full article

The Times - 'Government in retreat over planning reforms after Tory MPs revolt' 17.04.13 - Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles' proposal reform on planning was plunged into doubt yesterday when ministers conceded that it needed a rethink. Included quotes from Pickles to MP's and statement from the PM. Click here to read full article

​BBC News - 'Eric Pickles promises a 'revised approach' to home extension plan' 16.04.13 - This article looks at Community Secretary Eric Pickles plans to ease planning restrictions in England for three years to boost the building trade and MP's disagreement over its economic benefits. Click here to read full article

​The Telegraph Article - 'Government planning reforms in disarray after backbench rebellion' 16.04.13 - This article looks at the major Coalition rebellion that has caused Erick Pickles to announce "rethink" of the proposals to allow people to extend their their homes by as much as 26ft without planning consent. Click here to read full article 

The Spectator - 'Was today’s conservatory revolt really necessary?' 16.04.13 - This Article examines why the Government allowed its self to get into such a position where its backbench was so worked up on a policy like this in the first place? Click here to read full article

​The Guardian - 'Unlike most government reforms, the impact of this is forever' 27.03.13 - This article looks at the new planning regime that as of today England will follow. To release for potential building the 60% of England's land area that is unprotected countryside, in its simplest form. With comments from Campaign to Protect Rural England. Click here to read full article

The Telegraph - 'Trust me - I won't let the bulldozers wreck Middle England, Eric Pickles tells Telegraph readers ' 26.03.13 - Secretary of State Eric Pickles speaks about peoples fears of new planning reform and explains the benefits. Click here to read full article

The Telegraph - 'Wealthy homeowners could use state subsidised mortgages to buy second homes' 21.03.13-  This article looks at George Osborne’s Help to Buy scheme which is aimed to help first time buyers onto the property market and the confusion after it emerged the scheme could help well-off people to buy second homes. Click here to read full article

​Planning Blog - 'Budget 2013 Industry Reaction' - Os This article looks at key figures reactions to the 2013 Budget. With comments from Trudi Elliott, chief executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) president Angela Brady  and more. Click here to view all statements

Budget 2013 - PDL's Industry Reactions 20.03.13- Here are two PDL picked corporate reactions to the Budget 2013. NHBC and Home Builders Federation. Click the names for each statement

HM Treasury - Budget 2013 Statement 20.03.13 - Full transcript of the Budget Statement to the House of Commons delivered by George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Including the Official Budget 2013 PDF and also a Help to Buy inforgraphic.  Click here to read Full Transcript. Click here for Budget 2013 PDF. Click here for HelptoBuy.

​RICS - Pre-Budget Statement 2013' 15.03.13 - Click here for PDF

CBI - 'Pre-Budget Statement 2013' 15.03.13 - Click here for PDF

Building.co.uk Article - 'Osborne set to give housing a boost in Budget' 14.03.13 - Speaking to 'Building' this week George Osborne talks about his aims for his 2013 Budget, which will be presented to Parliament next week. Chancellor will aim to boost demand and free public land but industry warned not to expect "game changer‟. Click here to read full article 

​House Builders Federation - New Housing Pipeline, Q4 2011 Report (Published March 2012). Click here to read full article

The Telegraph Article - 'Moonlighting planning officers help builders exploit 'vulnerable’ councils' 11.03.13 -This article examines the problems with the relaxation of planning. Following on from their previous investigation the The Telegraph can disclose Planning officers who are offering to draw up applications for developers who can the take advantage of “vulnerable” councils in the wake of the relaxation of building laws. Click here for full article

The Telegraph Article - 'Cllrs for hire who give planning advice' 10.03.13 - The Telegraph has been investigating Councillors across England who are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks. Click here for full article

Centre for Cities - 'Cities Outlook 2013' - The 2013 Cities Outlook  report examines UK cities contribution to the country as a whole, the Housing Crisis facing cities, cities economic recovery and growth. The report also looks at how the housing market affects cities, looking to the past, the current situation and the future. Click here for full article 

Growth and Infrastructure Bill - Explanatory Notes - 'As brought from the House of Commons on 18th December 2012' - Click here to download PDF 

Growth and Infrastructure Bill - As amended by Committee - Click here to download PDF

The Sunday Times - 'Boles the Builder' 13.01.13 - The planning minister says buildings can be as beautiful as nature. But can he win over middle England? This article takes a look at Nick Boles' plans to release country side for housing development. Click here for full article

The Telegraph Article - 'Planning threat to grandparents' 10.01.13 - This article looks at the growing problem facing young people in the UK get onto the property ladder. Nick Boles has said it's “immoral” that young people are being priced out of the housing market because of a lack of cheap homes. Boles also suggested the housing shortage is a bigger threat to “social justice” than poor education and unemployment. Click here for full article

HM Government - 'The Coalition: together in the national interest' (Mid-Term Review) January 2013 -This Mid-Term Review document provides an update on the progress we are making in implementing our Programme for Government. Click here to download PDF

Policy Exchange - 'Planning for Less - The impact of abolishing regional planning December 2012 - By Alex Morton; this research note looks at the impact of revoking Regional Spatial Strategies (RSSs) on housing targets. It also finds the Coalition is in danger of overseeing the lowest total number of new homes built as a government since at least before the 1920's. Click here to download PDF

HM Treasury - 'National Infrastructure Plan: update 2012' December 2012 - Click here to download PDF