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BroadLand Gate business park is a proposed development site comprising of 49 acres bordering the A47 at the Postwick Interchange to the east of Norwich city.

BroadLand Gate is project managed by Ifield Estates Ltd working in conjunction with Norfolk County Council. Its purpose is to bring about significant infrastructure improvements to enable sustainable growth in the years to come, particularly the provision of new jobs and employment opportunities.

A committee decision is expected in Spring 2009 with work on site expected to commence in early 2010. Proposals include:

  • Commercial Zone: 42,000 sq m / 452,000 sq ft
  • Community Zone: 7,500 sq m / 81,700 sq ft
  • Business Village: 4,650 sq m / 50,000 sq ft
  • Hotel & Leisure Zone: 9,100 sq m / 98,000 sq ft
  • Car Showroom: 1,200 sq m / 13,000 sq ft

Our involvement:

  • undertaking programme of community consultation and public exhibitions
  • drafting Statement of Community Involvement
  • conducting a focused political and media relations campaign
  • forging solid relationships with local Councillors and MPs
  • approaching Officers and Councillors with development details
  • mediating with local stakeholders

Link: www.broadlandgate.co.uk

Broadland GateBroadland GateBroadland Gate