Political Developments Limited Building Consensus

Sterling Gate, Gipsy Lane, Nuneaton - a proposed development by Trenport Investment Limited. The scheme is aiming to provide between 500-600 new residential dwellings as well as a new neighbourhood centre, primary school and up to 8 hectares of public open space. The scheme is planned to the land to the North of Gipsy Lane and West of Marston Lane.

The proposals include:

  • 500-600 new residential dwellings; combination of detached and semi-detached.
  • New neighbourhood centre
  • More than 8 hectares of public open space
  • Pedestrian and cycle routes via Marston Lane

Our involvement:

  • Liaising with key local Elected Members for Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, Local Parish Councils and other interested stakeholders in the development.
  • Monitoring Council Minutes & Agendas for relevant decisions.
  • Highlighting the schemes benefits for the local community through public exhibitions & local workshops
  • The organisation and distribution of an information leaflet/survey.
  • Creating a consultation website with feedback data collecting and analysis of interested stakeholders.
  • Drafting of a Statement of Community Involvement to be submitted alongside the Planning Application.
  • Monitoring all local press and social media