Political Developments Limited Building Consensus

Houghton Regis North - Site 1 is a scheme proposed by the Houghton Regis Development Corporation, a joint partnership between AXA Real Estate and Lands Improvement for the development of up to 5,150 new homes, a £45million contribution towards the delivery of the A5-M1 Link, 3 new Primary Schools, new health facilities and more.

The proposals include:

  • Up to 5,150 new homes
  • A £45million contribution towards the delivery of the A5-M1 Link
  • Improvements to transport infrastructure including the Woodside Connection link
  • 3 new Primary Schools and the extension of an existing Primary School
  • New Community Centres
  • New health facilities
  • New sports pitches
  • Minimum of 30% open space

Our involvement:

  • Liaising with key local Elected Members on Central Bedfordshire Council, Luton Borough Council, Houghton Regis Town Council, Dunstable Town Council and outlining Parish Councils
  • Monitoring Council Minutes & Agendas for relevant decisions